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Standing Rock, part 1 – warning: mushy contents

Standing Rock:  Day 1 November 22nd I found another woman who is also driving, and we are leaving later today in her school bus for Standing Rock. That means I will have to fly back, because I have to see … Continue reading

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Judy Balch Liteky, ¡presente!

Today I went to a service celebrating the life of our wonderful Judy Balch Liteky, a woman who graced so many lives with her compassion and her activism.  It occurred to me that she achieved what has lately eluded me, … Continue reading

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The Sounds of Silence

This Simon and Garfunkel song in particular was and continues to be one of my favorite songs since the difficult years of my youth, in a country where racism was king and war and greed were deemed normal consumer goods, … Continue reading

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Berta Isabel Cáceres, ¡presente!

I have been to too many funerals, memorial services, celebrations of people’s lives, but tonight’s memorial event for Berta Isabel Cáceres, the Honduran environmental activist who was murdered on March 4th, may have been one of the most moving and … Continue reading

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via dolorosa

each viernes santo we would travel somberly dressed to view the stations of the cross, la via dolorosa, no radio music to be played all day and fish yet one more time my mother’s escabeche carefully prepared at start of … Continue reading

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Women hold up half the sky… a meditation on women’s rights and issues

We are living in a world that is ever more disrespectful and abusive of women’s rights and issues.  In our current scene of politicians who pander to the lowest common denominator to blast and blaspheme against the birthing half of humanity, … Continue reading

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Empathy and compassion

Yesterday I went to bring papers to the widow I have been helping.  After twenty-nine years of marriage to an abusive husband, a marriage in which she stayed in obedience to her marriage vows, as she is a fervent Catholic, … Continue reading

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