Judy Balch Liteky, ¡presente!

Judy Liteky, presenteToday I went to a service celebrating the life of our wonderful Judy Balch Liteky, a woman who graced so many lives with her compassion and her activism.  It occurred to me that she achieved what has lately eluded me, activism without all-consuming rage.  I have put my own ordination on hold because my confrontations with entrenched power, locally and nationally and even abroad, have put a strident note in my discourse; I am always lately either crying or screaming like a madwoman. 

 Judy was someone whose love for all people was profound and immense; whose inner calm permeated whatever she did.  The service today at St. Cyprian’s in San Francisco was one filled with stories and tears and joy, because she lived the kind of life most people only dream of, not in the modern sense of ‘affluence’ or ‘things’ but in the sense of the reading today by the prophet Micah:  to do justice, love fiercely, and walk humbly with your God.  This Judy did with every breath in her body.  That is the life well lived, everything else, to paraphrase Hillel the Elder, is commentary. 

 I wrote what I share below a little over three years ago, when I was seeking consolation from my own all-consuming grief at the death of my husband.   In the sayings of the Tao, “the way to greater light leads through the darkness.”  I remember years ago when we were fighting the invasion of Iraq, having someone remind me that the darkest moment of the night comes just before the dawn…  So I share it because I am also seeking wu wei or action “in harmony with the hidden power that drives the planet and the cosmos,” which was so much a part of Judy’s life and work, and also  ahimsa, which is kindness and non-violence towards all living things. 


Ahimsa and wu wei

The way to greater light leads through the darkness.

Going ahead feels like falling back.

The even path seems rugged and hilly,

the highest power a yielding valley.

(Tao 47)

Thomas Merton explains in “The Way of Chuang Tzu” that wu wei is action “in harmony with the hidden power that drives the planet and the cosmos.”

Be good to those who are good

and to those who are not.

For goodness increases goodness.


Have faith in those who are faithful

And in those who are not.

For faith brings greater faith;

and goodness and faith build peace.

(Tao 49)

Ghandi was inspired by the principle of ahimsa, which means kindness and non-violence towards all living things and believes that all are connected.  Violence, whether verbal or physical, always brings more violence.  We only have to look at what is happening to our planet today…

Nothing on earth

is more gentle and yielding than water,

yet nothing is stronger.

When it confronts a wall of stone,

gentleness overcomes hardness;

the power of water prevails.

(Tao 78)


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1. What part of “or bust” did you not understand? 2. This is the “or bust” part. 3. Where is the outrage? 1. ¿Qué parte no entienderon de ‘o nada’? 2. Esta es la parte sobre el ‘o nada.’ y 3.¿Dónde está la indignación?

Where is the outrage? ¿Dónde está la indignación?

We are the media

Again, bilingually, and as you can see, I have three issues for you to consider today, as indicated in my title:  1. What part of “Bernie or Bust” did you not understand; 2.  This is the “or bust” part; and 3.  Where is the outrage?  / De nuevo, en formato bilingüe, y como podrán ver, tengo tres temas para que consideren hoy, como indico en el título:  1.  ¿qué parte no entienderon de “Bernie o nada”?; 2. ésta es la parte del “o nada” y 3.  ¿Dónde está la indignación?

I went to a meeting of an incredible progressive group a couple of weeks ago, and was amazed to hear my friends with whom I fight for Palestinian rights, Rally in front of Marriott for AIPAC meeting 12-13-10in particular, talk about the need to “put a clothespin on our noses and vote for the other candidate.”  This, in the wake of more and more revelations from WikiLeaks (give that man a Nobel prize) showing absolute corruption and rigging of the electoral process!  Which is, may I remind you all, a Federal crime, punishable by all sorts of penalties, including imprisonment.  See, for example, what I posted yesterday:  Federal Prosecution of Election Offenses, from the website of the Department of Justice:   https://www.justice.gov/sites/default/files/criminal/legacy/2013/09/30/electbook-0507.pdf /Fui a una reunión hace un par de semanas de un grupo tremendamente progresista, y me quedé atónita de escuchar a mis amigos, con quienes lucho por los derechos de los palestinos, en particular, diciendo que habría que “ponerse un palito de ropa en la nariz y votar por la otra candidata.  Esto a raíz de más y más divulgaciones por parte de Wikileaks (dénle un premio Nobel a ese hombre) ¡mostrando una corrupción y manipulación absolutas del proceso electoral!  Que es, les recuerdo, un crimen federal, con todo tipo de sanciones penales, incluyendo el encarcelamiento.   Vean, por ejemplo, algo que publiqué ayer:  El procesamiento federal de ofensas electorales, publicado en el sitio en red del Departamento de Justicia:  https://www.justice.gov/sites/default/files/criminal/legacy/2013/09/30/electbook-0507.pdf.

There was a very clear option when we started; there was a second Democratic candidate who won even here in California, but who was beset again and again by tricks and cheating. When we recounted the votes in painstaking fashion, district after district was won by my candidate, but the night before the elections they called it for Hillary/ Hubo una opción muy clara cuando comenzamos este proceso; había un segundo candidato por el Partido Demócrata que ganó incluso aquí en California, pero que una y otra vez se vio acosado por trucos y trampas. Cuando volvimos a contar los votos de forma meticulosa, mi candidato ganó distrito tras distrito, pero la noche anterior a las elecciones dijeron que Hillary había ganado.

As the introduction to the document states:  /Como indica la introducción al documento:

“In the United States, as in other democratic societies, it is through the ballot box that the will of the people is translated into government that serves rather than oppresses. It is through elections that the government is held accountable to the people and political conflicts are channeled into peaceful resolutions. And it is through elections that power is attained and transferred. / En los Estados Unidos, como en otras sociedad democráticas, es a través de las urnas que la voluntad del pueblo se traduce en un gobierno que sirve en lugar de oprimir.  Es a través de las elecciones que el gobierno tiene que rendirle cuentas al pueblo y los conflictos políticos son canalizados para obtener soluciones pacíficas.  Y es a través de las elecciones que se obtiene y se transfiere el poder.

Our constitutional system of representative government only works when the worth of honest ballots is not diluted by invalid ballots procured by corruption. As the Supreme Court stated in a case upholding federal convictions for ballot box stuffing: “Every voter in a federal . . . election, . . . whether he votes for a candidate with little chance of winning or for one with little chance of losing, has a right under the Constitution to have his vote fairly counted, without its being distorted by fraudulently cast votes.” Anderson v. United States, 417 U.S. 211, 227 (1974). When the election process is corrupted, democracy is jeopardized. Accordingly, the effective prosecution of corruption of the election process is a significant federal law enforcement priority.” / Nuestro sistema constitucional de gobierno representativo solamente funciona cuando el valor de las papeletas electorales honestas no se diluye por medio de papeletas electorales no válidas procuradas por la corrupción.  Como dijera el Tribunal Supremo en un caso respaldando condenas federales por el relleno de las urnas:  “Cada votante en una elección… federal, … ya sea que vota por un candidato con pocas oportunidades de ganar o por uno con pocas oportunidades de perder, tiene derecho en virtud de la Constitución de que su voto sea contado de forma equitativa, sin ser distorsionado por votos emitidos fradulentamente.”  Anderson v. United States, 417 U.S. 211, 227 (1974).  Cuando el proceso electoral se corrompe, la democracia peligra.  Es por eso que  el procesamiento efectivo de la corrupción del proceso electoral es una prioridad significativa del cumplimiento de las leyes federales.”

When I picked the “Bernie or Bust” option early on in this election cycle, and I was told that it was just a “Facebook promise” which I could take back, for me it was anything but.  I have spent years battling corruption, racism, empire and colonialism, and I am a double refugee, from my native country of Cuba in 1960 and from the Dominican Republic in 1965. I would not have left Cuba had my parents not left, but the reason for the revolution and for the upheaval was that the United States Empire always interfered in the affairs of the small island where I was born.  We still have a United States base in Guantánamo that routinely tortures, and has murdered, prisoners, most of whom have never been accused of a crime.  /  Cuando yo seleccioné la opción de “Bernie o nada” al principio de este ciclo electoral, y alguien me dijo que esa era solamente una “promesa hecha en Facebook” que yo podía rescindir, para mí era precisamente lo opuesto.  Llevo años luchando contra la corrupción, el racismo, el imperio y el colonialismo, y soy refugiada doble, de mi patria originaria de Cuba en el 1960 y de la República Dominicana en el 1965.  No hubiera salido de Cuba si mis padres no se hubieran ido, pero la razón para la revolución  fue que el imperio de los EE.UU. siempre interfirió en los asuntos de la islita donde nací.  Todavía tenemos una base de los Estados Unidos en Guantánamo que todavía tortura y  hasta asesina como cosa rutinaria, a los presos, la mayoría de los cuales nunca han sido acusados de crímenes.Guantanamo 1
Forced feeding through the nose during a hunger strike is torture by another name.  La alimentación forzosa a través de la nariz durante una huelga de hambre es tortura por otro nombre.
Forced feeding through the nose is torture by another name

We moved to the Dominican Republic in 1964, and we were there for the counter-coup supported by the  United States Empire which unleashed a bloody civil war.  Tanks in the streets, 42,000 troops, Yankee go home everywhere.  Both in Cuba and in the D.R., I saw the results of the policies of empire, including torture, beginning at a very early age.  No child should see these things, but in a world fraught with war, that is what many children experience.  /  Nos mudamos para la República Dominicana en el 1964, y yo estaba allí cuando el contragolpe apoyado por el  imperio norteamericano que desató una guerra civil sangrienta.  Tanques en la calle, 42.000 tropas, anuncios que decían Afuera los yankis en todas partes.  Tanto en Cuba como en la República Dominicana, vi los resultados de las políticas del imperio, incluyendo la tortura, desde una edad temprana.  Ningún niño debe ver estas cosas, pero en un mundo plagado de guerras, esta es la vivencia de muchos niños.Dominican Republic invasion

I am sick of the cheating and the lying.  I am sick of people yelling at me and at other Bernie people for our ‘anger’ and ‘misbehavior.’  I can’t believe that so few people on the other side seem to give a damn. People died, in this country and in the world, in order to ensure the right to vote.  Every good citizen of this country should be yelling in the streets, demanding justice, demanding federal prosecution at the very least, Republican, Democrat, and every other party in between. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?  How dare we not care?/ Estoy harta de las trampas y de las mentiras.  Estoy harta de que la gente me grite, tanto a mí como a otros partidarios de Bernie, por nuestro ‘enojo’ y ‘mala conducta.’ La gente murió, en este país y en el mundo, para garantizar el derecho al voto.  Todos los ciudadanos decentes en este país tendrían que estar protestando en las calles, exigiendo la justicia, exigiendo el procesamiento federal como mínimo, ya sean republicanos o demócratas o de cualquiera de los otros partidos.  ¿Dónde está la indignación?  ¿Cómo es posible que no nos importe?

The option always was for the rest of the country to call out foul, to protest the stealing of the elections, to stand or sit in protest, to call out shame on you to the press, to the DNC, to anyone who mattered. /  La opción siempre fue que el resto del país gritara que había trampas, que protestaran el robo de las elecciones, que se pusieran de pie o se sentaran para protestar, para decirle a la prensa, al DNC, a cualquiera que importara, que deberían sentirse avergonzados.

My candidate didn’t have a murky past, didn’t take corporate donations, won a number of states where the vote could not be tampered with, had sponsored issues such as marriage rights for gays long before the chosen candidate had done so… So now, I am not accepting any responsibility for the mess those who didn’t protest have made of these elections. I was at the polls as a watcher when Gore ‘lost’ the elections, which he never lost, as George W. never won an election; he was installed. I was heartbroken, but again the following electoral term I worked the polls, did voter registration, held events… / Mi candidato no tenía un pasado dudoso, ni tomó donativos corporativos, y ganó una serie de estados donde no se podía manipular el voto, e incluso había patrocinado temas como el derecho al matrimonio para los homosexuales mucho antes que la candidata elegida lo hubiera hecho… De modo que ahora, me niego a aceptar responsibilidad alguna por el desastre que aquellos que se negaron a protestar han creado de estas elecciones. Yo estuve en las urnas cuando Gore ‘perdió’ las elecciones, que de hecho no lo hizo, ya que George W. Bush nunca ganó unas elecciones, simplemente fue instalado como presidente. Me sentí descorazonada, pero en las próximas elecciones volví a trabajar en las urnas, inscribí a votantes, presenté eventos…


And because I learned about torture as a child, when Batista’s victims came out showing their wounds (I was all of nine years old), and then again in the Dominican Republic, and then I studied at the University of Puerto Rico and saw the murder of Antonia Martínez by campus police, for protesting, every year I go to the School of the Américas in Fort Benning and interpret for torture survivors, despite my PTSD./  Y dado que aprendí sobre la tortura cuando niña, cuando las víctimas de Batista salieron y mostraron sus heridas (tenía 9 años de edad) y luego en la República Dominicana, y luego cuando estudié en la Universidad de Puerto Rico y vi el asesinato de Antonia Martínez por la policía, por protestar, todos los años voy a la Escuela de las Américas en Fort Benning e interpreto para las víctimas de la tortura, a pesar de mi síndrome de estrés postraumático.

So don’t tell me again who to vote for, or what will happen if I don’t vote for the ‘lesser’ evil.  I won’t have it.  We had a wonderful candidate without all the problems of the chosen one. I also worked on Dennis Kucinich’s campaign, traveling from state to state and translating his position papers on a daily basis, for free. The disregard of the general public was appalling. The mass media, as always, was doing the work of Empire, publishing what the oligarchs required. / Así que no me digan de nuevo que vote por el mal ‘menor’.  Me niego. Teníamos un candidato maravilloso sin los problemas de la elegida. También trabajé en la campaña presidencial de Dennis Kucinich, viajando de estado a estado, y traduciendo sus documentos expositivos a diario y de gratis. El desinterés del público en general fue algo deplorable. Los medios de comunicación principales, como siempre, estaban haciendo el trabajo del Imperio, publicando lo que los oligarcas pedían.Interpreting for Father Roy SOAW Nov. 2011

As a nation, if we haven’t risen up to protest, we deserve whatever we get. I am only one aging, ailing, contrary and stubborn individual in this battle. I do not accept any responsibility for the acts and omissions of my fellow countrymen and women. / Como nación, si no nos hemos alzado en protesta, nos merecemos lo que nos toque. Yo solamente soy una persona envejeciendo, enferma, terca y testaruda en esta batalla. No acepto responsabilidad alguna por los actos y omisiones de mis compatriotas, tanto hombres como mujeres.

Don’t tell me to do what Bernie did.  He always promised he wouldn’t tell us who to vote for, and if he did, we should disregard what he said.  Like a good Bernie supporter, I am obeying what he said for over a year.  /  No me digan que haga lo que Bernie hizo.  Bernie siempre nos prometió que no nos iba a decir por quien teníamos que votar, y que si nos lo decía, que no le hiciéramos caso.   Como buena partidaria, estoy obedeciendo lo que nos dijo por más de un año.

But as happened when the early settlers rebelled against the British Empire and began and fought a revolution, it is time to stand up and be counted.  It is time to stand up and say, no more.  It is time to be men and women of valor and good will.  No more can we hide along corrupt oligarchic party lines.  /  Pero como ocurrió cuando los colonos se rebelaron contra el imperio británico y comenzaron y lucharon por una revolución, es hora de ponerse de pie para que nos cuenten.  Es hora de ponernos de pie y decir, no más, basta.  Es hora de ser hombres y mujeres de valor y de buena fe.  No podemos seguirnos escondiendo detrás de las líneas oligarcas y partidarias.

Are you a man, a woman, or a bleating sheep, quietly waiting to be slaughtered?  /  ¿Eres hombre, mujer, o una oveja chillona, esperando tranquilamente que te asesinen?



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A Vote for Jill Stein is a Vote for Jill Stein

I am translating your beautiful post to Spanish, and with your permission, posting it in forty or fifty sites, as well as sending it, bilingually, to some family members, including some of my children, who have been saying (or thinking) that the fact that I will not vote for Hillary means a vote for Trump. I had already expressed some of the same thoughts that you do so brilliantly. If you want to, I will gladly share my Spanish version of your brilliant version in English.You might also be interested in checking out my blog, whose name at one time was silviantonia, which was changed when most of my posts were bilingual Bernie or Bust posts. This is the “Bust” time, and I am amazed that people don’t get that. In my own case and with my own family, I am amazed that they forget that I have been arrested again and again for principles I believe in. I had to forgo Philadelphia, although I had bought my ticket before I was named a candidate, way back in March, I think, because I slipped and fell and was badly injured and couldn’t travel.I am reblogging this on my own blog and will post the Spanish version there as well.Thank you for a beautifully written and expressed post. Onward the revolution, or as we say in my native country of Cuba, ¡Qué viva la revolución!

Source: A Vote for Jill Stein is a Vote for Jill Stein

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We now interrupt the regularly scheduled program (elections) for station identification

So it has been all quiet on the Western Front from me, which yes, you could take as an allusion to Remarque’s brilliant post WWI novel about the destruction of human beings by war, or not.  The station in question is the United States of Atrocities, (disambiguation: Corrupt Neoliberal Parties and Elections, in this case).

I had a plane ticket to Philadelphia which I had to cancel due to a bad slip and fall and consequent health issues, and as I watched the antics on the days preceding the scheduled program, I decided to help the outer pain by signing off from the constant barrage of propaganda, messages, speeches and other panem et circenses  as provided by the stations, not of the cross, but of the empire.  I watched, briefly and proudly, the exit of a number of brave Bernie delegates from the convention hall (yes, DemExit, very much so), and refused to listen to any of the speeches (someday, when my anger has abated, if that happens, I may listen to Michelle Obama’s speech).

The day before the main events on the main ring we had yet another dump by my current favorite whistle-blower showing that all the things we had worried about were indeed true.  Strangely, except for those of us who have been called crazy and deluded, there was very little outrage, the planned program was executed without a hitch, without a delay, other than the occasional spanner in the works by one of our die-hard Berners (and no, I am still NOT with her, and I am still NOT voting for her, ever).

On Friday night, I attended, as a possible interpreter, a presentation by the Committees of Correspondence for Socialism and Democracy (http://www.cc-ds.org/) in Emeryville.  The presentation was called  Building Solidarity with Social Movements
a panel discussion with social movement activists 
Frank Chapman, field organizer for Chicago Alliance Against Racist and Political Oppression, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, author of “An Indigenous People’s History of the United States,” Pennie Opal Plant, indigenous people’s movement activist, and Carla Wallace, Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ).

I made a strong request as the last question of the evening that the attendees, activists and other sundry individuals not use the word America or American for the country in question or its citizens, and actually was thanked and applauded, go figure, (that will the subject of a forthcoming book of mine, America IS NOT a country).  But at the table, while eating dinner and sharing dessert and impressions, the outrage which has been consuming my life, my breakfast, lunches and dinners, seemed mostly absent.  I was sitting with Social Democrats and Democratic Socialists; people were talking about the need to vote for Queen H in important states.

On Saturday, also in Emeryville, I attended a presentation on Cooperatives and Socialism in Cuba, with Camila Piñeiro Harnecker, renowned for her work in the development of cooperatives in Cuba and their role in strengthening the Cuban Socialist economy. Two other presenters were Carl Davidson of CCDS and Cinthya Muñoz of LeftRoots, whom I used to work with in joint immigration and gentrification/displacement events for Causa Justa :: Just Cause.

The presentation by my compatriota Camila was enlightening, and gave me hope that despite Yanqui interest in my socialist homeland, we will prevail in this incredible experiment despite 50+ years of a brutal economic embargo by our dark neighbor to the North, of whom our national patriot José Martí stated:  He vivido dentro del monstruo y le conozco las entrañas (I have lived within the monster and I know its entrails).

While there I talked to my friend Sharat Lin of the incredible San José Peace and Justice Center about Cuba and about presenting a workshop on immigration and Palestine at this year’s SOA Watch encounter at the border (Nogales), and about the elections, of course, and to my favorite anarchist crazy man Ramsey Kanaan, of the amazing PM Press, about the Trump/Clinton conundrum (or is it conundra?).  These days we are whispering these conversations, even in places such as the CCDS, because it seems as though everyone is brain dead (and by the way, I just saw the first two episodes of that show, and may I tell you how disgusting/interesting I found the first two episodes… ).

So listen, boys and girls, the revolution is going on elsewhere, but until you all exit the system in place, all this stuff is no more than the aforesaid panem et circenses, or possibly the bugs are in your head already!


Finally, I forgot to mention that my personal mail, both regular and electronic, have now been taken over by “she who has been crowned but will not get elected” and so I have sent out emails when that is possible, and letters when nothing else will do, to the likes of Diane Feinstein and “otras hierbas aromáticas” telling them to henceforth remove any mention of my name and address from their lists of supporters, as I am done with the Democratic Oligarchic Party of the United States of the Appalling and Abysmal.








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Musings on the weekend of his passing

What do I know if I exist or not?
This is all I know, my Beloved:
When I exist, I am non-existent;
When I am non-existent, I exist!

– Jalal-ud-Din Rumi

Death is such a leveler of things… And today while other people are picnicking or celebrating “independence day,” I am musing on the passage of my partner and companion to a different plane of existence.  Occupy Health Rally

I don’t as such believe in death, or perhaps it is non-existence that I fail to believe in.  Although I can no longer touch him or hear his wild laughter except in dreams, or walk in endless picket lines and listen to his voice reading me poems, Jim is still here.  He used to apologize for July 4th, used to recite the pledge of allegiance and whisper “someday” at the very end of it.

Much water has fallen under the bridge in these past three years.  Because Jim’s passing was accompanied by my baby brother’s last illness, I ran from pillar to post, without rhyme or reason, and if you think I am done with the clichés you have another think coming.  As is said so well in Ecclesiastes, there is nothing new under the sun.  The rich keep getting impossibly richer and impossibly greedier.  Ignorance seems to be a way of life; people parade it, like a new dress or a fancy pair of shoes.

I have been criticized for my love of research, of words, of history.  My late companion was an equal lover of all three and bested me in some of them; he had 21 years on me and had spent them well, endlessly reading and writing and analyzing.  We marched together, wrote articles together, shared stories and aphorisms, marveled at how being intellectual in our country is a grave sin.  As if we could choose who we are and what we love… And he supported the strangest things, because although he claimed not to be a “believer,” he had worked most of his life with the religious left, and in fact supported, with me, women’s ordination, which is what the picture below represents:  we were standing outside the Vatican Embassy in DC supporting Roy Bourgeois before his excommunication for supporting the ordination of Janice Sevre-Duszynska, who is now my program companion on my own path to ordination.  All three of us were arrested that weekend in DC in an action against torture, and it was also the weekend Jim proposed, as he was being led away by police. . . .  At the Vatican Embassy for the ordination of women priests

I remember being at Kaiser with him when our dog pulled him into a street and he broke his hip and right elbow.  We spent the hours when he wasn’t in therapy or surgery reading poems to each other.  We watched operas and zarzuelas, listened to Beethoven and Bach, read and read and read.  And I taught him to meditate and took him to Spirit Rock and unlike Othello, loved him wisely and too well.  It made our parting not sweet sorrow because there would be no tomorrow.  With Aiken, I said:

Music I heard with you was more than music,
And bread I broke with you was more than bread;
Now that I am without you, all is desolate;
All that was once so beautiful is dead.

And with Auden I wanted to stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone, silence the pianos… I was angry for at least two years; death made me roar because others were not paying attention.  You know how it goes:

He was my North, my South, my East and West,
My working week and my Sunday rest,
My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song… 

But in the end I discovered that Jim is present even in the peanut butter that he so loved; when I have oatmeal, which he called gruel, he reminds me his was very thin, while mine is more in the nature of a porridge, with whatever fresh fruit is available.  He sometimes asks me gently to keep my promise to him that I would walk every day… so far, I have not kept that promise.  Immigrants Protest Secure Communities Deportation Program

Jim told me to stay active, and that I have done far too well.  The woods are lovely, dark and deep, and I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep… And I leave you with a poem written by a woman with no formal education, out of compassion for someone who could not say goodbye to a beloved mother.  I am speaking of course of Mary Elizabeth Frye, who said it best:

Do not stand at my grave and weep:
I am not there; I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow,
I am the diamond glints on snow,
I am the sun on ripened grain,
I am the gentle autumn rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circling flight.
I am the soft starshine at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry:
I am not there; I did not die.

But as I started with Rumi, I end with Rumi:

Nothing in my ears but your love’s murmur
Eternity’s sweetness leaves no reason alive
Love-without-colour mixes colours marvelously
I wear the void’s white; death drains from me.

– Jalal-ud-Din Rumi

Jim Cameron Forsyth, presente.

Hasta la victoria, siempre.Jim November 3rd at BART going to the SFS with Anna and Jacquie









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Winning an election and changing lives… ganando unas elecciones y cambiando vidas


Melody and Melissa, Palo Alto

I went to Palo Alto on Tuesday night to receive volunteer training.  It was  hard to find the room at the Community Center; it turned out to be an outdoor training.  I stopped at Peet’s Coffee to buy some water, a granola bar, and my brownish banana was also in my bag.  There were no more volunteer badges, but I signed up as press, and prepared to do both jobs.  I supervised the press area as we had been told; no one could go back there unless they had a press badge.  I also took the time to interview attendees.

rally Palo AltoI had met a group of Panamanian women  who were visiting the US and wanted to listen to Bernie; I saw them again in the audience and interviewed and took a picture of one of them.  If Latin Americans or Europeans could vote in our elections, Bernie would win hands down!  I took bad videos with my cell phone, met two reporters from a Spanish publication called Diario El Correo, who were fascinated by the whole Bernie phenomenon,  almost passed out from the heat, and besides volunteering I also got a press pass and did a few interviews. My videos were horrible, but I met two reporters from Diario El Correo, a Spanish (from Spain) publication, who left early to leave for LA and the next rally, and a mom/daughter team, Melissa and Melody (pictured above), who were feeling the Bern together.  The daughter is a young geologist who is with Bernie because of the environment. The mother reminds me of my own reasons for being with Bernie… old hippies, I think, to an extent?

After a while I began to feel really ill, as if I was going to pass out, and very nauseous.  A young man walked me almost to my car, where I sat blasting the air-conditioner until I could drive.  The next day at the acupuncturist I found out my blood pressure was very high, and that extreme heat (as we had at the rally) makes blood pressure go higher, which I swear I never knew…

rally Palo Alto 2So I am back on bp med which I hate, and banned from any outdoor activities.  I am also experiencing what my wonderful chiropractor calls an “acute episode” of back pain, so that I can’t bend or get up from a bed without help.  I had so many plans for the last four days!  Instead, I have spent the last 6 hours making calls to New Mexico (Spanish) through the phone-banking app.  Some of the calls have been vicious (three separate people cursed me out) and several people have been nasty about not telling me who they are voting for, and then there have been some Trump people.  I have been extremely polite to each and every one of them, because I figure maybe they will remember the woman who was polite and change their minds before they vote… But there have been some absolutely awesome Berners too; one young man wouldn’t let me get off the phone; several latinos asked me, “Who else would I be voting for?” and were very excited about the election of Bernie… And a young man with an Arabic name who was an enthusiastic supporter, and whom I thanked for voting as I thanked everyone, said to me: “Every last one of us is voting for him!”  

So all in all, it’s been a good day’s work even if didn’t go canvassing the way I wanted to… I finally remembered that Milton sonnet that I was made to memorize in sixth or seventh grade, that said, “They also serve who only stand and wait.”  Tonight I go back to my ‘bodyguard’ duties for my widowed friend; two days ago she fell down in front of me and I couldn’t get up from the floor/bed to help her out… but she still feels protected, go figure… I intend to sleep well; I’ve stopped fasting and have eaten two bananas and 5 strawberries!  And a lot of water… 

I was interviewed by the TYT reporter although I know it may not get published, about the fact that many of my friends who protest for Palestinian rights have become Bernie or Busters because of Bernie’s statements on AIPAC… I am still asking anyone who is close to Bernie or has his ear to ask him to make a statement on Berta Cáceres and on the School of Assassins, otherwise known as School of the Americas/WHINSEC, especially in light of all the soft and hard coups underway in Latin America right now.

Tulsi Gabbard, I believe would make a great vice-president… translation and photographs/videos tomorrow, although I warn you the videos are awful.  And, by the way, Bernie’s remarks on brilliant scientist Donald Trump were hillarious!

Magic Bernie


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